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I kind of want to reblog that record-you-reading-something-if-you-get-ten-reads meme.

But I’m from California. That’s not a terribly interesting accent. Plus I have no idea what I’d read.

I’m from Canada. I don’t have an accent that I know aboot. It’s totes cool. It’s just to get the sweet, succulent sound of your sexy voice :D

Nah I hate having a Cali accent. Especially a valley one lmao

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Discourse with Flowers by Lisa Sorgini 

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Relationship with Malik
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Asshat cousin of mine. He’s a jerk, but I put up with him because he’s older than dirt and Reshi taught me better.

Smart girl.

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He watched her with interest, green eyes following her hands in the bag. “Have you? I don’t recall being published in one.” Malik murmured curiously, scrunching his nose momentarily as he dismissed her question.

"Then you’ve never posed for another photographer?" She pulled out a card too with her business number and address to the shop. "I’d love to snap a few photos of you, if you don’t mind?"

Taking the card in hand, he squinted at the arrangement of numbers and letters—her name. Where’s her name? Oh. How interesting. Another grin split on his face and he looked up and let the card disappear into a pocket. “A simple request, go ahead.” Malik replied, knowing full well she would at most only get one photo out of him. He’d only let himself show up for one, just to mess with her.

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12. Shoulder

The pixie jumped slightly at the other fae’s touch, willing herself not to blush as his lips brushed the skin of her shoulder. “Wh— what are you doing?” 

He grinned as he was caught red handed, and then sat back beside her. “You were being awful quiet while staring into that pond…Not particularly fond of kisses?”

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Yoυ тнιɴĸ I αм ιɴɴoceɴт?

Wow, тнιɴĸ αɢαιɴ!

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Roleplayers please reblog this. Roleplay blogs only.

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This is the time of night when the moonlight shines down and we can reveal who we truly are, within the darkest most depraved
of joys.
—Monologue - She Wants Revenge.