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Does your muse ever just tug at you and point at another character and says “I WANT THAT ONE.” 

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Send me “Don’t chase the rabbit” and your muse will be shown a random memory from my muse’s past.
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Independent Pamela Swynford De Beaufort Roleplay Blog

              I’LL ТЄΑЯ [ YOUR ] INSIDES
              LIKE ——— C O N F E T T I ;;

  • Multiversed. Multifandom. 
  • 10 years roleplay experience | 2+ Tumblr RP
  • Para to Novella Original | Icon & Gif Chats welcomed
  • Formats, length and writing styles adaptable
  • Ships c h e m i s t r y!
  • AU, crossovers & crack always welcome!
  • Thorough detail of character diagnostic & history ( original
  • Holds true to character behavior as portrayed on the show
  • Has been portraying Pam since 2009 
  • Holds verses within show and book canon depending on preference
  • Warning: blog contains strong language, graphic material and sexual content that may not be suitable for some players.
  • Not spoiler free!
  • Banner made by whitelaceandxstrange-archive

                                   The Volt ● Private ● Laws ● Verses 

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a little earth magic

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